The freedom of Music

Can take you to the moon and back again!

“There are only a few notes. Just variations on the theme.”

John Lennon

What is a music producer?

The simple answer is a general dogsbody!

“A music producer who can do his job really well, will turn your musical dreams into reality and take you to the moon and back again safely.

A really good music producer will allow you to travel the universe and provide you with all the necessary tools to do so and make you believe you did it all on your own ……

Michael Schott is a really good music producer who’s qualifications are made up of so many different layers of bricks and mortar on a solid foundation of knowledge, skill, empathy and madness – not to mention the ability of creating a feeling of self belief!

As a music producer Michael Schott can offer you a one-stop-shop from A to Z and take you with a rocket load of passengers around the universe.”

David McMahon